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Some client feedback...

"Please keep doing what you're doing! More women and partners need to hear and experience this!" Laura

"Thank you Zana. You encourage and empower birth partners to be involved in a typically female dominated environment." Tom

"Thank you for a brilliant course which has made me realise how important working as a team is during labour." Hollie

"More confident and adding more things to the "tool kit". I'm actually looking forward to giving birth and meeting this little one!" Alex

"Great knowledge and experience, confident and hands-on" Ben

"Zana is very informative, calm and non-judgemental! Offered good facts that I did not know - allowing me to think more about how I would like my labour to be." Aimee

"Anyone who can turn me from a sceptic to an endorser has done a fantastic job!" Dad-to-be

Why "WOW!"?!
Why us?


You might be wondering why "WOW!" Hypnobirthing?


Perhaps the most obvious reason is that using hypnobirthing during pregnancy, labour and even afterwards, can have amazing consequences that make you go "WOW!"


The other reason is more about us - Zana and Barbara - and what you get from investing your trust, time and money in our courses.


We think we make a pretty unique and amazing team! We each hold professional qualifications (not just in hypnobirthing) and have years of experience in devising and delivering antenatal education for a variety of organisations, as well as privately, and in providing professional training. Our personalities are quite different, so we complement one-another well. We share a passion for birth and genuinely want you to have the best possible experience on the day, however and wherever your baby (or babies) is born.


The most effective antenatal classes are those that strike an excellent balance between being presented clearly, being backed up with evidence and experience, and being accessible and not too medical. There should be a variety of approaches to appeal to different learning styles. They should be holistic, in that they address the cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of 'you' as well as labour and birth. The best antenatal classes should fit your individual needs and give you time and space to explore what is right for you. As independent practitioners the only agenda we have is the one that suits you best.


We think it's important that you work with practitioners who can deliver the above, who can listen carefully, respond and adapt. We help you explore and experiment to find ways forward that meet your needs, not someone else's. Being qualified primarily in antenatal education, our hypnobirthing courses aren't 'one size fits all'. We want you to leave our hypnobirthing antenatal courses feeling calm, confident and skilled, as well as knowledgeable and empowered.


Our client feedback says that we tend to hit the mark too!


In the past there were 'Wise Old Women' who shared their many years of acquired skills and knowledge, passing it down for the benefit of following generations. We're not grannies just yet but we're well aware that we're knocking on a bit! And so we became Wise Old Women! Or "WOW!" (with tongue firmly in cheek, in case you were wondering!)


If you want to know more, here's a bit more of our stories and backgrounds...


Since having our own children many years ago (Barbara has two daughters, Zana has a son and a daughter) we have shared a passion to make birth better for everyone. Having a strong sense of professional integrity, we each felt a need to channel our enthusiasm and back it up with robust training, in-depth knowledge, and academic qualifications. We originally each committed to a few years of study to gain a DipHE (Level 5/Foundation Degree) university qualification specifically in Antenatal Education, in conjunction with NCT. This was the most in-depth course for antenatal teacher training available. We each devised and taught antenatal classes for NCT for many years. 


We have since built upon this solid foundation by attending numerous study days, courses and events to ensure that our knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date and relevant.


For over 10 years we have each held a certificate in Hypnosis for Childbirth (hypnobirthing) from a course validated by the Royal College of Midwives. On top of that, Barbara also gained a degree in midwifery and became a practising midwife (now retired). In addition, she is a qualified registered hypnotherapist, helping clients overcome all sorts of fears, phobias and habits.


Meanwhile, Zana decided that counselling qualifications would be useful and since 2010 she has been a qualified counsellor, now also accredited, working in private practice with a wide range of clients and specialising in issues arising from pregnancy, birth and parenting, including postnatal depression and birth trauma. She can also offer Rewind and EFT to reduce the impact of trauma.

Zana and Barbara have taken their combined 40+ years of experience, acquired skills and knowledge from working with thousands of new parents, along with their additional expertise, to bring you 'WOW! Hypnobirthing'.

We're not the youngest out there, we're certainly not the coolest (as evidenced by use of the word "coolest"!) but like the 'Wise Old Women' of times gone by, we will share our many years of birth wisdom and experience to calmly help you banish anxiety and embrace confidence.

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