Additional services
See what else Zana and Barbara can offer

If you're not sure if hypnobirthing is right for you, or you're looking for a blend of coping strategies for labour (and life!) Zana and Barbara offer a number of related professional services in addition to our WOW! Hypnobirthing courses.


Unfortunately our weekly Pregnancy Relaxation Hour at the New Forest Birth Centre is currently not running due to the pandemic.

However, you can buy access to one or more of Zana's hypnobirthing audio downloads for just £10. Once you have access to the recordings you can listen as often as you wish. Email Zana for more info.


if you would like to learn more about breathing and relaxation please consider taking Zana's 2-hour workshop. During this practical workshop you'll find what works best for you (one size doesn't fit all) as well all you need for labour, for a birth partner and for managing life stress. Zana will continue to answer questions and provide reminders/pointers after your workshop too.


Zana offers private antenatal classes in your own home, tailored to your needs. Choose from one or more classes of two, three or four hours of dedicated time for you and your birth partner. Cover anything you like from late pregnancy, through labour to early days with your new baby.


For more information about the above professional services please go to our Birthing with Confidence website.

Hypnotherapy for all kinds of fears, phobias, help with overcoming obstacles, etc. Barbara is a qualified and registered hypnotherapist. Please contact Barbara or go to her Romsey Relax website for further details.

Counselling for adults facing a wide range of life challenges or difficulties and specialising in pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent. Zana is a qualified and accredited counsellor. Please go to her Counselling with Zana website for further details.